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corruption among development NGOs, part 3 – the need for collective action by funding agencies

For the background of this series, see part 1. The original of this post can be found here. The full reports can be accessed on my publications page. The previous post of the series can be accessed here. the need for collective action … Continue reading

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the fuzzy category of trails

Fuzzy categories offer an endless source of fascination. Take the relatively new concept of running trails. Let’s not start in prehistory, but just go back half a century. when running – as a sport – could reasonably be classified into … Continue reading

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Leo & Tineke Vroman

Leo Vroman, one of our national literary icons, recently died. Poet, artist, scientist, and above all – for me – someone who manages to move me to the core. And I don’t really know why. It’s not his poetry – … Continue reading

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humour as pulse of the times

A fancy is by definition something that moves one. So some of my fancies are totally predictable. Their whole rationale is to move people, to get at them, to push their buttons. Anything that uses the senses to do that … Continue reading

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languages matter

just reading a book about language and one of the issues brought up is if we should care about decreasing language diversity. They’re disappearing with frantic speed. The obvious, politically correct answer, is yes (diversity is good! bio diversity, cultural … Continue reading

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getting through the day the male way

waking up, not easy.

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