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re-blogging Egypt’s next president

My impressions of the short-term future for Egypt are bleak, and they aren’t changing. Not much point in going on about that but when I come across an insightful piece that really adds relevant detail, re-blogging is warranted. As usual, … Continue reading

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Egypt outlook

Not good. I won’t beat around the bush. I moved here from Nepal, a country dear to me, and one that I left disheartened by its stagnant political economy. But I have to admit that I will leave Egypt even … Continue reading

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how are things in Egypt?

How are things in…? is the question everyone living elsewhere is asked regularly. As habituation goes, initially lots seems worth reporting in response, but after a while, it all seems so much more of the same. One way of dealing with it … Continue reading

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language and poetry

Although  I am increasingly swayed by arguments that the easy access to limitless information is harmful and misleading, I haven’t taken active steps to shield myself; on the contrary, I am still subscribed to quite a few list-serves and obsessively … Continue reading

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