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Going for green and off-pavement running in Shanghai’s Pudong district

Finding green spaces and non-paved surfaces in Shanghai is a challenge. I live across the river (Pudong, East of the Pu river) from the old city (Puxi ,West…) and even there, in what was fields among villages only a bit … Continue reading

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exceptional artist in an exceptional space

We read about the Rockbund Art Museum, and its current exhibition of Shanghai inspired work of LA based artist Mark Bradford. The pics I saw and the accompanying story about this contemporary art space, open since 2010, and located behind the Bund, … Continue reading

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why I run?

No, I wouldn’t write about this again if it weren’t for a good reason. The reason being that I entered an essay contest by Geoff Roes to come up with a response to the seemingly unanswerable (he’s got that right)  ‘what’s the … Continue reading

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why run a landscape? part one

When reflecting on trailrunning, the kind of running I’ve pondered about most till date, I’ve focused on my motivation for hitting the trails, but never really addressed the fundamental question of why one would want to run a landscape in the first … Continue reading

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environments as palimpsests

The title of this post pays homage to the writer and photographer, Teju Cole, whom I just came across in my daily grazing of the digital pastures I use to hook up with the rest of the world (here for another, running-related … Continue reading

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