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the science business

It may very well be confirmation bias, which would be telling, a strange loop or bootstrapping kinda phenomenon rather than some real change out there, but the science business hanky panky finally seems to be getting more attention in mainstream media. It’s been a … Continue reading

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stats and knowledge

I’ve ranted several times already about publication and other biases that permeate the social (and some other) sciences without these disciplines taking much serious notice. Like with some of my other fancies, after a couple of such posted outbursts, I keep coming … Continue reading

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a pointer to unreliable research

My original title was ‘a twitter on unreliable research’, but as I don’t twitter, and never will, I changed it, but my first inclination shows the meme-like qualities of this invasive medium. Enough said. Too much actually. The point of … Continue reading

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can we bootstrap our way out of bias?

My previous post on publication bias only touches the surface of our psychological and societal biases. I find publication bias particularly pernicious because it is a phenomenon sitting right at the centre of social science and could be largely avoided if … Continue reading

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publication bias

One of the things that writing posts has revealed to me is that I very much fancy epistemology.  How to know anything? What to believe? How to figure out if something makes sense? I’ve always felt that academia was about … Continue reading

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