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nepalese eye candy

I’m no mountainbiker, and generally not a fan of the dicovery/nat geo kinda visuals, let alone when accompanied by the spin-doctoring text and sound that characterizes that genre. But taste doesn’t rob me of the ability to appreciate craftsmanship. And … Continue reading

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everest and ego

Nepal 1978, was my first ever time in real mountainscape, other then crossing an occasional pass in the Alps with my parents on our yearly summer pilgrimage to Italian beaches. Saw Everest from Gokyo peak, and very nearly got myself … Continue reading

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tourism as an indicator of tragedy

The Kathmandu post recently published a short article on the dramatic downfall of tourism arrivals in Nepal.

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reblogging Kunda Dixit on disaster journalism

German mountaineer, journalist and Miss Hawley’s Himalayan Database assistant Billie Bierling‘s update on Kathmandu, one month on, linked to the below very insightful piece by Nepali Times publisher and editor Kunda Dixit. After Joris Luyendijk’s Het zijn net mensen on his insights … Continue reading

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how not to help Nepal

Quartz just published this very sensible guidance on what NOT to do to help Nepal:

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visualizing Nepal’s earthquake disaster: reblogs & links

Nepal earthquake on the radar On 25 April, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, claiming over 5000 lives and affecting millions of people. Satellite images are being used to support emergency aid organisations, while geo-scientists are using satellite measurements to analyse … Continue reading

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trendy trailrunning trivia

Now everyone has had (mostly) his say about 2014, its time for my geriatric armchair contribution. Being late is not only my style but also allows me to freely piggyback on what has already been produced by those making a living from … Continue reading

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exploring my home town

I’ve been blabbering about running as a way to connect to one’s environment, to make it one’s own, but how does that work if an environment is already deeply ingrained into one’s being? I’ve been in the Low Lands for … Continue reading

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spectacular talent deserves support

Mira Rai is starting to make her mark internationally. A couple of months ago she showed up at the start of her first ever 50k and did remarkably well for a girl that hadn’t run much beyond 5 and 10k races. … Continue reading

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Manaslu Trail Race

Short video of last year’s Manaslu Trail Race, by the organizer of the Mustang Trail Race, with footage of Lizzy Hawker and Anna Frost, and kids running their hearts out.

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no comment

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Looking back on 2013: trailrunning in Nepal

When I suggested to Richard Bull that he do a review of 2013 for trailrunningnepal.org I could have known what would be his answer. No-brainer really, and had he asked me first I would have done the same. So here’s my … Continue reading

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authenticity seems to require amateurs

Just a couple of posts ago I ranted about trailrunning video’s. This morning a newsletter from Richard Bull’s trailrunningnepal site shared a video by Chris Ord, Quentin Bedwell and Lisa Tamati about Richard’s Manaslu trail race. Sure, my nostalgia button was pushed big time … Continue reading

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mount everest closer up than any trekker will ever see it

Yes, no need to strengthen the stereotype of what Nepal is about even more. But this pic is indeed something special. My technofobic nature doesn’t allow me to tell you anything sensible about how David Breashears managed to construct this 3.8 billion … Continue reading

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I will miss running Nepali trails

Cannot say for sure because I cannot look into others’ heads but I imagine that “Nepali trails” evoke images of the main Himalayan range, fantasies of running across 5000 meter passes, and otherwise alpine inspired associations. That’s all very understandable … Continue reading

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moving to Egypt means leaving Nepal

I’ve again been living and working in Nepal for nearly three and a half years. Leaving soon and just said goodbye to those who, like me, enjoy running Nepali trails. I am ready to go but I feel very emotional … Continue reading

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