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singing the revolution has changed its beat

A recent article at ahram online triggered this post, a piece starting with this sentence: Ramy Essam’s new song, ‘We Don’t Belong to Them,’ gives voice to those caught in the middle of Egypt’s Islamist-military tug of war. That caught my eye, because … Continue reading

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revolution on ice re-blogged and mindmapped

The piece below by Elliott Colla appeared on Jadalliya. Although that site is on my resources list I had missed it but Foreign Policy‘s Democracy lab channel pointed me to it. This long and winding article is probably too much for most … Continue reading

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wondering about Alexandria

Marjan and I made use of a long weekend to bus North to Alexandria, one of the other capitals of Egypt.  It’s a big city (4.1 million in 2006) but what a breather, literally, from Cairo. Nothing much is left … Continue reading

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poetry, violence and confusion

Before moving here I saw an Aljazeera  documentary about Egypt’s 83 year old revolutionary poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. Never knew this was such a poetic country, but as life goes, the insight quickly collected dust in some forgotten mental drawer. Yesterday … Continue reading

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