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the sochi canvas

I’m not particularly interested in the winter olympics, never was actually. But it’s near impossible to avoid them if one is a regular newspaper reader. So I pick up the occasional morcel that sticks out. For those interested in a … Continue reading

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Corrupt, corrupter, corruptest

I’m known to have a fancy for corruption. Click corruption in the list of key words (right column) and you’ll see. Al Jazeera just published an article by Jason Hickel that nicely summarizes the many threads of my own musings, … Continue reading

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the sorrows and soothing of a wandering mind

we’ve all got a pattern chasing mind. We see them quickly if they are there and also when they are not there. Feeling lost in a chaos ¬†of unconnected bits and pieces we connect as many as we can into … Continue reading

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how the US is like Indonesia

However much judgement might be in the eye of the beholder we still tend to agree on lots of things. Social beings that we are that agreement is as important as the facts. Some argue, more important, or even all … Continue reading

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One of my fancies is corruption. I come from a country that’s scored as being very clean by Transparency international (in 2011: 8.9 on a scale of 10) and then moved to places like Cambodia (2.1) and Nepal (2.2). Corruption … Continue reading

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