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kathmandu valley rim supermoon

Beauty is a good antidote to generally depressing world news. The Chandragiri ridge from which these pics were taken is favorite trail country for me. They were the closest bit of valley rim from where I used to live, seen … Continue reading

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a swimmingpool in Kathmandu

Usually I am quite happy to opinionate and pontificate on matters that resonate with me for good or bad. The terrible quake in Nepal resonates strongly but unwarranted armchair chatter feels utterly inappropriate. I’ve got nothing to contribute. Silence is … Continue reading

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disclosure for the Mustang race scrapbook

Disclosure zero: the race organizer, Richard Bull, is a good friend. Putting together a scrapbook is always a very personal project. My scrapbook is never going to be yours. The information out there, including this scrapbook, is stupendous and easily accessible. … Continue reading

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