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reblogging Kunda Dixit on disaster journalism

German mountaineer, journalist and Miss Hawley’s Himalayan Database assistant Billie Bierling‘s update on Kathmandu, one month on, linked to the below very insightful piece by Nepali Times publisher and editor Kunda Dixit. After Joris Luyendijk’s Het zijn net mensen on his insights … Continue reading

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the Netherlands in Debt & Doubt

My home country has a great documentaries’ tradition, the non-fiction of the big and small screen. So that a Dutch documentary receives a prize at a film festival (this time at St. Tropez) is not uncommon. Hadn’t seen it, but its … Continue reading

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Sorry, I’m doing it again, and not only that, it’s the second post by Joris Luyendijk that I re-blog. The text below is from his Guardian Banking blog, but the title of the shorter Dutch version published as a column in the … Continue reading

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harassing females on Caireen streets

walking Cairo streets with two young friends of my daughter recently was a mixed pleasure. Not too difficult to ignore the ridiculous behavior of mostly young males from anywhere between 12 and 35. But very tiring to suppress the waves … Continue reading

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self-delusion, not greed, caused HBOS to fail | Joris Luyendijk

I’m not a fan of re-blogging, but sometimes I come across a post that strikes me as so noteworthy that I see no point in trying to summarize, I just hope you click and judge for your self. I’m a … Continue reading

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the sorrows and soothing of a wandering mind

we’ve all got a pattern chasing mind. We see them quickly if they are there and also when they are not there. Feeling lost in a chaos  of unconnected bits and pieces we connect as many as we can into … Continue reading

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