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I am totally convinced that the we’re all living in a socially constructed world – ever since I read the seminal Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann 1966 classic at university – and that the media play a central role in … Continue reading

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art beats info

With plenty of time on my hands, and an unhealthy eagerness for information, I find it difficult to avoid a regular and tedious feeling of deja vu. Let me illustrate with a subject matter that I follow on a permanent … Continue reading

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Egypt’s culture wars

I always start my day with coffee and several online newspapers, a local one, and Dutch ones, and whatever else they may link me to. That makes me a sucker for many reasons. The world of news has preciously little … Continue reading

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Even before moving to Egypt I had heard about Dahab being a centre of freediving. Whatever the pursuit, I am quite gearphobic, so diving without bottles, tubes, and lots of other stuff sounded attractive. Mmmm, still need a wet-suit…well, sometimes … Continue reading

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running, form, shoes and more

Given the information overload¬†that I suffer from like everyone else, what do I do with all the stuff I consume about running? In addition to occasionally hitting the trails and ¬†walking and jogging the pavement (yes I enjoy using this … Continue reading

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so much interesting stuff out there, make sure you get the balance right

Information overload is a real issue. Misinformation is another and even bigger one because it’s easy to be aware of the overload, not so easy to be aware that lots of it is crap. Being aware in a healthy way … Continue reading

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