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customer service orientation is a misleading label

Customer orientation: not so easy to instil in an organization. I have some background in the hospitality industry. Can one get more prototypical as far as serving goes? The industry label itself is a one-word metaphor of what its members claim … Continue reading

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self-delusion, not greed, caused HBOS to fail | Joris Luyendijk

I’m not a fan of re-blogging, but sometimes I come across a post that strikes me as so noteworthy that I see no point in trying to summarize, I just hope you click and judge for your self. I’m a … Continue reading

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everyone except us

What is it with professionals and looking at behavior through the incentives lens? Very popular lens, since micro-economics has taken over the social sciences. Which is already quite a while. Incentives talk is now all over the place. It has … Continue reading

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