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the best democracy money can buy

a disturbing (but strangely niche) read for anyone interested in what we settle for when accepting that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. Haven’t come across much that added anything to this eye-opener that entered … Continue reading

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truth doesn’t matter

it’s a truth that no one wants to know. Amazing, but true. Some years ago I read Greg Palast‘s the best democracy money can buy. Couldn’t believe it, but could believe even less that an indictment like this doesn’t change … Continue reading

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so much interesting stuff out there, make sure you get the balance right

Information overload is a real issue. Misinformation is another and even bigger one because it’s easy to be aware of the overload, not so easy to be aware that lots of it is crap. Being aware in a healthy way … Continue reading

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the sorrows and soothing of a wandering mind

we’ve all got a pattern chasing mind. We see them quickly if they are there and also when they are not there. Feeling lost in a chaos  of unconnected bits and pieces we connect as many as we can into … Continue reading

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