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Just read (p. 253) this beautiful anecdote about an English treasure hunter, one E.F. Knight, and his party, who in the late 19th century spent time on a hell hole of an island, far off the coast of Brazil, called Trinidade, unsuccessfully digging … Continue reading

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visualizing with words

Chris Jordan is a photo artist who tries to use art to get us thinking about big numbers. This is the explanation on his site for his Running the numbers: an American self-portrait project: Running the Numbers looks at contemporary American … Continue reading

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why democratic revolutions often fail

The short answer is because means matter. But first a bit about democracy. Very fuzzy concept. All concepts are, so that doesn’t make it stand out, but this one is particularly fuzzy and that may require some explicit attention. Fuzzy, … Continue reading

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being your body

All of us know people who are out of the ordinary.  Actually we’re probably all out of the ordinary for something. But some are so very visibly. One friend who is in that category is Lizzy Hawker. If you’re not … Continue reading

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