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pyramids and the Egyptian revolution

I’ve just read my first Terry Pratchett novel and absolutely loved it. Reading it in the Sinai definitely added a dimension to it. It’s about religion and belief, has a camel as one of its main characters that also happens … Continue reading

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why democratic revolutions often fail

The short answer is because means matter. But first a bit about democracy. Very fuzzy concept. All concepts are, so that doesn’t make it stand out, but this one is particularly fuzzy and that may require some explicit attention. Fuzzy, … Continue reading

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harassing females on Caireen streets

walking Cairo streets with two young friends of my daughter recently was a mixed pleasure. Not too difficult to ignore the ridiculous behavior of mostly young males from anywhere between 12 and 35. But very tiring to suppress the waves … Continue reading

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more about zappa

I’ve shared more visuals of his  and the amazing mr. Bickford here. The ones below are more about the person and his music. If you like Zappa you probably know these videos, if you don’t know him you probably don’t watch … Continue reading

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Zappa and the amazing mr. Bruce Bickford

Frank Zappa collaborated with a clay animation artist, Bruce Bickford. This collaboration resulted in some amazing visuals. Zappa is a cult figure whom many know about but Bruce is much less known and not many have actually seen the Zappa … Continue reading

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