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the black swan of Cairo

Who would have expected Nassim Taleb to write about the Arab spring but he did: in the May/June 2011 issue of foreign affairs. His article (co-author Mark Blyth, a political economist) is behind a pay-wall but you can download a reprint … Continue reading

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girl power

Seems I’m starting to make a habit of piggy backing on others. It’s just that some things are said so convincingly that it feels silly to even consider changing anything. David Rothkopf‘s piece below is one of those.  If you’ve … Continue reading

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so much interesting stuff out there, make sure you get the balance right

Information overload is a real issue. Misinformation is another and even bigger one because it’s easy to be aware of the overload, not so easy to be aware that lots of it is crap. Being aware in a healthy way … Continue reading

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cannot express the Apocalyps better

When I read this short piece by Rosa Brooks in Foreign Policy it felt shockingly familiar. Could have written it myself. Although I obviously couldn’t have because I lack her skills as a columnist. What makes it even weirder is that … Continue reading

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poetry, violence and confusion

Before moving here I saw an Aljazeera  documentary about Egypt’s 83 year old revolutionary poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. Never knew this was such a poetic country, but as life goes, the insight quickly collected dust in some forgotten mental drawer. Yesterday … Continue reading

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