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two great stories about messy politics and story telling

Today my digital grazing delivered two great short stories about the mess of politics. The first,  Fanatics, Charlatans, and Economists, a short poignant opinion piece by Jean-Marie Guéhenno, former Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping at the United Nations, and currently President and CEO of … Continue reading

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the Netherlands in Debt & Doubt

My home country has a great documentaries’ tradition, the non-fiction of the big and small screen. So that a Dutch documentary receives a prize at a film festival (this time at St. Tropez) is not uncommon. Hadn’t seen it, but its … Continue reading

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Corrupt, corrupter, corruptest

I’m known to have a fancy for corruption. Click corruption in the list of key words (right column) and you’ll see. Al Jazeera just published an article by Jason Hickel that nicely summarizes the many threads of my own musings, … Continue reading

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Sorry, I’m doing it again, and not only that, it’s the second post by Joris Luyendijk that I re-blog. The text below is from his Guardian Banking blog, but the title of the shorter Dutch version published as a column in the … Continue reading

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reading about the financial crisis

If you’re interested in “how the world works” you’ll read about the financial crisis. I do. And if you’re like me that’s tricky business because as non-economists we rely on others for the facts. So coming across Andrew Lo‘s Reading … Continue reading

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