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spectacular talent meets

Some (actually surprisingly short) time ago, I wrote down my thoughts about why spectacular talent needs support. In the meantime, Mira Rai, the girl who triggered my blog post, was able to show her talent in some races that matter (matter in … Continue reading

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delivery beats content

To me it’s a scary thought, but that only shows how caught up I am in head games, how out of touch with sensuous reality. Whatever we are and do is based on the reality – including our sense of self … Continue reading

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mirroring the world

My previous post on music magic is actually not only or even ‘really’ about music but about what is and how we can be sort of sure about that. Music is ‘merely’ one possible and beautiful aspect of it, for me … Continue reading

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any reason is good enough to share Mr. 42

I just read Daniel Dennet’s Intuition pumps and other tools for thinking. It never seizes to amaze me how limited the universe of my fancies is, how persistent it is, how I time and again return to teenage roots. I know … Continue reading

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