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reblogging Kunda Dixit on disaster journalism

German mountaineer, journalist and Miss Hawley’s Himalayan Database¬†assistant Billie Bierling‘s update on Kathmandu, one month on, linked to the below very insightful piece by Nepali Times publisher and editor Kunda Dixit. After Joris Luyendijk’s Het zijn net mensen¬†on his insights … Continue reading

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how not to help Nepal

Quartz just published this very sensible guidance on what NOT to do to help Nepal:

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visualizing Nepal’s earthquake disaster: reblogs & links

Nepal earthquake on the radar On 25 April, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, claiming over 5000 lives and affecting millions of people. Satellite images are being used to support emergency aid organisations, while geo-scientists are using satellite measurements to analyse … Continue reading

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a swimmingpool in Kathmandu

Usually I am quite happy to opinionate and pontificate on matters that resonate with me for good or bad. The terrible quake in Nepal resonates strongly but unwarranted armchair chatter feels utterly inappropriate. I’ve got nothing to contribute. Silence is … Continue reading

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