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women and coffee

I don’t come across many occasions when two totally disconnected fancies of mine present themselves hand-in-hand. I really like coffee. Can do without it but love the morning kick of two double espressos. Without doubt enhances my joy in life. … Continue reading

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spectacular talent deserves support

Mira Rai is starting to make her mark internationally. A couple of months ago she showed up at the start of her first ever 50k and did remarkably well for a girl that hadn’t run much beyond 5 and 10k races. … Continue reading

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Rothkopf does it again

I try to limit re-blogging to a minimum. But some of those whom I follow are just such able writers of concise perspectives on issues that I really care about that it cannot be avoided. David Rothkopf, whose book length … Continue reading

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girl power

Seems I’m starting to make a habit of piggy backing on others. It’s just that some things are said so convincingly that it feels silly to even consider changing anything. David Rothkopf‘s piece below is one of those.  If you’ve … Continue reading

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who is top dog: government or business?

Yes, not a good question. The ways of the world are a bit too complex for such a binary perspective to make sense. But obviously the issue of  the continuously changing relationship between public and private power is certainly core to … Continue reading

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