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jetting around my expat universe

Last day in Cairo. First day of Ramadan, the city is weirdly quiet. Temps go up to 41 degrees today. But my sentiments are not dominated by my place of residence of the last year and a half as much … Continue reading

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Egypt travel warnings

Always a bit a mystery to me, travel warnings. The differences between countries suggest they have access to different intel, but why would the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, the US, etc. not share tourism relevant security information? They seem to … Continue reading

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the good, the bad and the ugly

Christmas holidays brought all the kids to Egypt and we spent most of that time in the Sinai. A couple of days in Dahab ┬áto explore under water, walk, run, climb and relax, and then a four-day camel trek in … Continue reading

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promoting Dahab

Marjan & I spend as much time as we can in Dahab, former hippie hang-out and Israeli R&R destination, fabulous snorkelling right from the beach, plenty of different reef sites, stunning mountains lining the coast, laid back and cheap, and … Continue reading

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the unfortunate strange loop of service provision

I’ve worked in the tourism industry for a bit, running a trekking agency way back and recently a hotel. The experience was enlightening in many ways. One of the reasons for me to get out of trekking was that I … Continue reading

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