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the freediving born to run?

A friend from my Cairo days and avid diver shared a longer piece about freediving by journalist and author James Nestor (thanks Linda!). Nestor argues that We are, truly, born to dive. I’m familiar with the argument but the piece is well written and introduced me … Continue reading

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the Lykov family, persistence hunting & religion

My grazing strategy for exploring the literary environment accessible to me, the topic of a future post, brought something to my table that I had read earlier, filed away as interesting, and forgotten again: a piece in the online Smithsonian … Continue reading

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commodification conundrum

yes, I should be spanked for that title. But it has a ring to it that I like. And I do not mind if the reader asks who the fuck I think I am to think that anyone would appreciate such … Continue reading

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Even before moving to Egypt I had heard about Dahab being a centre of freediving. Whatever the pursuit, I am quite gearphobic, so diving without bottles, tubes, and lots of other stuff sounded attractive. Mmmm, still need a wet-suit…well, sometimes … Continue reading

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this is where I’ll get closest to my roots in Cairo

I like to believe that running is good for me. Well, not only running, just moving, one foot in front of the other. It feels good, not much more to it I think. Causality probably goes both ways, as it … Continue reading

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