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wearing my foot-condoms is a crime against fashion and humanity

Just wanna let you know that I am guilty. I may not serve in a vegan restaurant and lack a pony-tail but I am 55 (well 56), and wear five-fingers, thus confirming stellar journalist Jon Gugala‘sĀ assumption about the kind of … Continue reading

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a pointer to unreliable research

My original title was ‘a twitter on unreliable research’, but as I don’t twitter, and never will, I changed it, but my first inclination shows the meme-like qualities of this invasive medium. Enough said. Too much actually. The point of … Continue reading

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bias galore

I’ve reflected on bias in scientific production in recent posts:. on publication bias, and on how easy it is to create false positives. Being on a roll, I might as well continue. All part of my worries about the evidence … Continue reading

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