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some pedestrian thoughts instead of a 2015 trail running review

For two years in a row I reviewed my armchair trail running impressions (see here and here). Haven’t got much to add. Most trends have deepened (more business, more attention to FKTs and its variations, more extreme events, many more … Continue reading

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wearing my foot-condoms is a crime against fashion and humanity

Just wanna let you know that I am guilty. I may not serve in a vegan restaurant and lack a pony-tail but I am 55 (well 56), and wear five-fingers, thus confirming stellar journalist Jon Gugala‘s assumption about the kind of … Continue reading

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only bare feet are barefoot

Just back from another week in Dahab, mainly spent barefoot. I love doing that, spending time in an environment where one can go around without shoes, also for long walks, without worrying too much about injuries. As my normal running … Continue reading

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Mustang trail race, what about the running?

A post for those for whom this is their first multi-day event. All this talk about the place, but what about the running? The event site‘s FAQ redirects you to some great resources for training and other stuff to think … Continue reading

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commodification conundrum

yes, I should be spanked for that title. But it has a ring to it that I like. And I do not mind if the reader asks who the fuck I think I am to think that anyone would appreciate such … Continue reading

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running, form, shoes and more

Given the information overload that I suffer from like everyone else, what do I do with all the stuff I consume about running? In addition to occasionally hitting the trails and  walking and jogging the pavement (yes I enjoy using this … Continue reading

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