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city air

When I look out of my¬†window, this time of year, it’s way too often a grey haze. So Jia Zhangke‘s short video hits home.

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one last time about Cairo’s traffic and air

the related themes of traffic and air quality have intruded my posts about Cairo, cannot really say “inadvertently” because however much they are cliches giving away my recent arrival, ignoring them would be dishonest. So at the risk of boring … Continue reading

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wondering about Cairo, episode one

There is plenty of things that I find remarkable about Cairo, which I might not find remarkable anymore in a while so let’s start documenting them. Episodes are going to be like my preferred dishes, stews of diverse ingredients that … Continue reading

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I won’t miss eating Kathmandu dust

Any city in a bowl shaped valley has issues with it’s air quality. When I left Kathmandu after my first longer stay there, end of 1993, it was already bad. During the following two decades many things changed. Population quadrupled, … Continue reading

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