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illustrating the endless diversity of cityscapes

One may argue that the most difficult aspect to notice is that which is all and ever present (the fish and water argument). Luckily, I’ve been living in big cities not long enough to run a risk of taking them that … Continue reading

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visualizing Shanghai

In a recent post I embedded a great visual about Shanghai. That was just the latest of the videos about this amazing city. Most of those are (sort of) contemporary. The exception being a 1973 documentary. Just learned about this … Continue reading

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some pedestrian thoughts instead of a 2015 trail running review

For two years in a row I reviewed my armchair trail running impressions (see here and here). Haven’t got much to add. Most trends have deepened (more business, more attention to FKTs and its variations, more extreme events, many more … Continue reading

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cityscape esthetics

I’ve rambled quite a lot about urban environments as natural habitats, ecosystems, cityscapes, and on it goes, but high-fly verbiage is a poor tool for helping anyone see. Australian photographer Ben Thomas, of Tiny Tokyo fame, has much better tools:

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a prettty good run through Shanghai’s New Jersey

When I designed un Nimweegs rondje, I pondered how best to achieve an optimal balance of the various ingredients of a good run through an interesting landscape. Cityscapes are landscapes too, and  the same need to compromise applies. There isn’t a universally … Continue reading

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exceptional artist in an exceptional space

We read about the Rockbund Art Museum, and its current exhibition of Shanghai inspired work of LA based artist Mark Bradford. The pics I saw and the accompanying story about this contemporary art space, open since 2010, and located behind the Bund, … Continue reading

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walking more of Shanghai

I’ve written more than enough about making an environment your own by exploring it on foot, and will not add to that. But underlying all the blabbering is my experience that it’s fun to be out in fascinating cityscapes. The juxtapositions, … Continue reading

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environments as palimpsests

The title of this post pays homage to the writer and photographer, Teju Cole, whom I just came across in my daily grazing of the digital pastures I use to hook up with the rest of the world (here for another, running-related … Continue reading

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