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the Dutch are coming

Given our lack of a trail/fell/cross-country running tradition, and our pancake geography, it is no wonder that we don’t have many Dutch trail/mountain running podium contestants. But we’re coming. There seems to be a caveat though: first emigrate to an environment … Continue reading

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visualizing Shanghai

In a recent post I embedded a great visual about Shanghai. That was just the latest of the videos about this amazing city. Most of those are (sort of) contemporary. The exception being a 1973 documentary. Just learned about this … Continue reading

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Disclaimer: my version of trendwatching is largely an effort to detect patterns in the echo chamber of my interests. I’ve written a couple of posts on trends in trailrunning, as well as various pretentious reflections on running in general (my … Continue reading

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illustrating the endless diversity of cityscapes

One may argue that the most difficult aspect to notice is that which is all and ever present (the fish and water argument). Luckily, I’ve been living in big cities not long enough to run a risk of taking them that … Continue reading

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please, criticize me! (why anticorruption practitioners should scrutinize and challenge research methodology)

Although this guest post for the Global Anticorruption Blog is not formally part 4 in a series on Corruption among development NGOs, conceptually it certainly is part of it. For the background of this series, see part 1. The original of this … Continue reading

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