running movies

One of the trends in the trailrunning scene (to keep up a tradition I should do a 2015 piece but have too much on my plate at the moment) is the abundance of (short) videos being released. Even just a couple of years ago, it wasn’t difficult to keep track of what became available, but that has dramatically changed.

As with much in life, quantity comes with repetition of a couple of standard formats. But even an aficionado like myself can only stomach so many beautiful landscapes, listen to so many similar narratives, and the tendency to watch declines rapidly.

So let me share a couple that did get to me. You may notice that many would not label them ‘running movies’ but for me they are. Very much so. Enjoy.

You can read an accompanying story here.

About roger henke

Still figuring out the story line that would satisfy myself here. Listening to what my family and friends evoke, what the words I absorb, the images that move me, the movements that still me, point to.
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