city of art

Looking for a destination for my recovery run on the only day this week that is predicted to be dry I decided upon the Power Station of Art. Had seen the building several times already and ran past it during last Sunday’s marathon, but never entered.

It turned out to be a great space, enormous, very tastefully reinvented as an exhibition venue, huge outdoor terrace on the fifth floor with stunning views, but more importantly: lots of interesting, impressive, captivating art.

Established on Oct. 1st, 2012, the Power Station of Art (PSA) is the first state-run museum dedicated to contemporary art in mainland China. It is also home to the Shanghai Biennale…Renovated from the former Nanshi Power Plant, PSA was once the Pavilion of Future during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. [from the website]

What struck me, looking around from the terrace, was that the China Art Museum (formerly the Shanghai Art museum) is basically on the other side of the river, also a stunning collection in a signature building (the China pavilion of the 2010 World Expo), and just to the South, on the West Bund, is one of the Long museums, in another industrial era building tastefully reinvented as an exhibition space for Shanghai’s largest private art museum. On my way to the Power House of Art I had already run past the other Long Museum (in Pudong).

A friend of mine once told me that the saving grace of living in a big city (Bangkok in his case) was that he could venture out and see something new every day. I’m slowly catching up with the wisdom of that.

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