coloured cities, city colours, and the wonders of rain

One of the biggest joys of having time on my hand is the opportunity to wander through cyberspace as if it were a book store or a library, on the look out for finds. When work is calling I (have to) downsize time spend on this, but so far, the way I have organized access to the cyberspace seems to work for me.  Time: I scan all, no time, I have no trouble picking out the essentials. Here I want to share some art finds,  all about colour, as different as they come, and still to me intimately connected through their cityscape focus.

The first shows what a bit a colour can do to a Mexican slum:

The second is what city colours can do to you when you open your eyes to them as did Lithuanian photographer Agne Gintalaite when she started noticing the Sovjet-era garage doors in a suburb of Vilnius:

The third is about what even shades of grey can do to uplift:

Check out the sources, and enjoy more.

About roger henke

Still figuring out the story line that would satisfy myself here. Listening to what my family and friends evoke, what the words I absorb, the images that move me, the movements that still me, point to.
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