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running the blocks of my neighborhood

The scale of Shanghai is both immense and very manageable. It is very hip to these days to explore one’s immediate neighborhood, walking the block, as Alexandra Horowitz does so eloquently in On Looking.

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biggest Shanghai redevelopment zone I’ve come across so far

When I went out yesterday for an exploratory walk (air quality to bad for a long run) I had expected the last bit of it, on the Pudong side, to be the most boring. I was curious about the ferry … Continue reading

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cityscape esthetics

I’ve rambled quite a lot about urban environments as natural habitats, ecosystems, cityscapes, and on it goes, but high-fly verbiage is a poor tool for helping anyone see. Australian photographer Ben Thomas, of Tiny Tokyo fame, has much better tools:

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city of art

Looking for a destination for my recovery run on the only day this week that is predicted to be dry I decided upon the Power Station of Art. Had seen the building several times already and ran past it during last … Continue reading

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coloured cities, city colours, and the wonders of rain

One of the biggest joys of having time on my hand is the opportunity to wander through cyberspace as if it were a book store or a library, on the look out for finds. When work is calling I (have … Continue reading

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the rock star of data nerds

Didn’t know Hans Rosling, whom I greatly admire, had acquired rock star status but according to the data nerds organizing this ODI event he has. Although I do not share all of his opinions, I find it very difficult to … Continue reading

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Shanghai marathon, age-grading and minimal shoes

Ran the Shanghai marathon today.

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Shanghai Dutch town

As a Dutch expat in Shanghai I can be expected to write about Dutch town, part of the one city, nine towns project. However, although I had read about the project and intended to visit a couple of them,  I wasn’t aware … Continue reading

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