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exceptional artist in an exceptional space

We read about the Rockbund Art Museum, and its current exhibition of Shanghai inspired work of LA based artist Mark Bradford. The pics I saw and the accompanying story about this contemporary art space, open since 2010, and located behind the Bund, … Continue reading

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corporate marketing is about the money

For an all-over-the-place information grazer like me, the digital world is both my greatest nightmare and my favorite playground. All these connections that I come across, just because my confirmation-biased mind puts them in my lap. I’ll skip the nightmare part … Continue reading

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Extraordinary ladies

They make me cry, they break through my normal misanthropic outlook and show truth in its starkest form. Their wisdom is rare. Too rare. Way too rare to save us is what my morose neurochemistry tells me. But if hope … Continue reading

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Egyptian follies

Egyptian rulers and planners have been pursuing the fantasy of desert cities for a long time. The efforts till date have all gone to waste. Developers have become rich, the army profits because it holds the land and also owns … Continue reading

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spectacular talent meets

Some (actually surprisingly short) time ago, I wrote down my thoughts about why spectacular talent needs support. In the meantime, Mira Rai, the girl who triggered my blog post, was able to show her talent in some races that matter (matter in … Continue reading

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reblogging the Islamic state through the looking glass

The looking-glass of Western geopolitical involvement in the Middle East is normally a tired and very much inside-the-box perspective if one is interested in the region. However important the power players from outside the region may be in the decisions … Continue reading

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