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global inequality

It’s been a fancy for some time now and I keep being amazed about the scale of the disparity described by that bland term inequality. Just came across this graph. I knew about the basic stat already but my fresh amazement at … Continue reading

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on hallucinating no head

There is no solid ground when looking for reality. We guess, approximate, fabulate, hallucinate, habituate our being to what works most of the time, and get by. Whatever it is, we’re somehow sort of aligned with it, else we wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Making amends

Writing (and thus blogging) for me, and anyone else (although some might not know that) reveals rather than expresses. Those who aspire to become what they state, and those who search for who they are in what the state, neither has a pre-existing … Continue reading

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reblogging 4 Things You Probably Know About Poverty That Bill and Melinda Gates Don’t

Needs no comments. Two of the authors are associated with The Rules, the other one is an editor at this online magazine. I’ve had my serious doubts about the Gates Foundation from the moment I learned about the way it … Continue reading

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Why we run?

Geoff Roes’ essay contest on iRunfar has resulted in a worthy winning piece of creative writing, and a very interesting reflection by Geoff on the trends he saw in the corpus of 103 answers he received. My kinda answer didn’t fit the … Continue reading

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Egypt’s state killers

It happens in many places, it’s nothing much new, I just happen to have lived there for a while and thus notice these kinda tidbits. Worse killing has happened in the recent past, more will happen in the future. Worse … Continue reading

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two great stories about messy politics and story telling

Today my digital grazing delivered two great short stories about the mess of politics. The first,  Fanatics, Charlatans, and Economists, a short poignant opinion piece by Jean-Marie Guéhenno, former Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping at the United Nations, and currently President and CEO of … Continue reading

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delivery beats content

To me it’s a scary thought, but that only shows how caught up I am in head games, how out of touch with sensuous reality. Whatever we are and do is based on the reality – including our sense of self … Continue reading

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