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stats and knowledge

I’ve ranted several times already about publication and other biases that permeate the social (and some other) sciences without these disciplines taking much serious notice. Like with some of my other fancies, after a couple of such posted outbursts, I keep coming … Continue reading

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the confirmation bias at work

Way too much writing about running lately. The only real defense I have is that running can be connected to so much else. So a post about running can be a post about anything. Well, not anything, let’s be honest, a … Continue reading

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Manaslu kids

Not too long ago a short video of the 2013 (first) edition of the Manaslu Trail race became available. It featured a kids race in Samagaon, the village at the foot of the Larkya pass. 50 school kids happily participated … Continue reading

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women and coffee

I don’t come across many occasions when two totally disconnected fancies of mine present themselves hand-in-hand. I really like coffee. Can do without it but love the morning kick of two double espressos. Without doubt enhances my joy in life. … Continue reading

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