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artful storytelling

A random article in a Dutch daily that I read online brought Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas on my radar, founder of what may be Europe’s most spectacular open-air sculpture museum, the 55 hectare of nature and art called Europos Parkas. The article focused … Continue reading

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on running a narrative

I may rightfully be accused of silly conceptual urges, tinkering away at my map of the running universe,  and of pigeon-holing what running is all about (for me). Owning up to my hobby horses and questioning them is the best … Continue reading

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the G20 fossil fuel bailout

A new Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Oil Change International (OCI) report discovers that the G20 governments’ exploration subsidies marry bad economics with potentially disastrous consequences for climate change. In effect, governments are propping up the development of oil, gas and … Continue reading

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Egypt from space

Former astronaut Chris Hadfield shot many pics from above and just published a selection of them in book form.  I was alerted to it through two articles on fastcompany’s exist site (here and here) and one of the photographs featured in those … Continue reading

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Western Time: great depiction of what trailrunning races are about

I have recently written a lot about the inner-directed experiential emphasis of most trailrunning narratives and my questions about that. Although I tried to be explicit about questions not being the same as criticism, focus is always going to suggest what … Continue reading

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exploring my home town

I’ve been blabbering about running as a way to connect to one’s environment, to make it one’s own, but how does that work if an environment is already deeply ingrained into one’s being? I’ve been in the Low Lands for … Continue reading

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