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writing art: Lewis Thomas

Just re-read a slim 1979 volume of essays/columns by Lewis Thomas, and was as taken as the first time. Superb writing, and some thoughts that really get me.  I found one of those online: On Warts Warts are wonderful structures. … Continue reading

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closing the Egypt chapter, reblogging strangers in the crowd

Still following Egypt’s news but it’s time to officially close the chapter of commenting on it. A final reblog, that substantiates my previous pessimistic impressions of the direction the country has taken, as well as proof of the confirmation bias … Continue reading

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speculating on a nightingale’s song

Reading an older book by science pop-star Dawkins, Unweaving the Rainbow, one of his speculations was something I hadn’t come across before, and it struck me as fascinating. I do not know if it is his or he borrowed it … Continue reading

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Shanghai, citytrails, and going a bit beyond marathon distance

My new home town has great potential for pedestrian exploration. Looking at running as a mode of environmental exploration, as opposed to exercise, competition, or self-discovery (well, ‘opposed to’…nothing is ever not part of the package, but focus does matter) … Continue reading

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