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jetting around my expat universe

Last day in Cairo. First day of Ramadan, the city is weirdly quiet. Temps go up to 41 degrees today. But my sentiments are not dominated by my place of residence of the last year and a half as much … Continue reading

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rethinking ut nimweegs rondje

Some time ago I declared my intention to develop a trail that covers a max of the diversity surrounding my hometown Nijmegen. As July draws near and I hope to do a lot of recceing during my three weeks back … Continue reading

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Manaslu Trail Race

Short video of last year’s Manaslu Trail Race, by the organizer of the Mustang Trail Race, with footage of Lizzy Hawker and Anna Frost, and kids running their hearts out.

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Egypt, energy, corruption and realpolitik

Today, the Arabist promotes this Al Jazeera documentary as a must watch. I did and I fully agree. Anyone interested in Egypt and the Middle East will find it extremely interesting. I would even argue that it’s importance transcends the … Continue reading

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can I get mad about the ads?

Suddenly my e-mail, youtube, my newspaper, everything I open on the web throws advertisements at me. It bugs me big time. Taking a step back, I know that complaining is both silly and selfish. I am not a paying customer … Continue reading

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Just read (p. 253) this beautiful anecdote about an English treasure hunter, one E.F. Knight, and his party, who in the late 19th century spent time on a hell hole of an island, far off the coast of Brazil, called Trinidade, unsuccessfully digging … Continue reading

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Barkley 100

It advertises itself as one of the worlds toughest 100-mile trail runs, it must be because the ratio of finishers to runners starting it beats anything else by a mile (about 1.5%). I like the humility of the ‘one of the’ … Continue reading

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Cairo Chairs

Dutch photographer Mark Nozeman recently spent two month in Cairo. I like his Cairo Chairs the best. Enough to reblog them here. I can assure you that Caireen streets are plastered with these chairs: house masters (bawebs), guards, car washers/parking attendants, … Continue reading

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same same but different

Yes, I’d said no more Mustang, but as no one listens anyway, who cares. The Chevaliers du Vent took their Annapurna Mandala Trail to Upper Mustang in 2012. Fabien Brusson‘s documentary about this multi stage has just been uploaded to … Continue reading

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the Lykov family, persistence hunting & religion

My grazing strategy for exploring the literary environment accessible to me, the topic of a future post, brought something to my table that I had read earlier, filed away as interesting, and forgotten again: a piece in the online Smithsonian … Continue reading

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