Brotherhood background

I have nothing to add to my recent posts on Egypt, my own, and what I re-blogged, but for those interested in some serious background to one major player in this country’s tragedy, watching Michael Prazan’s documentary on the Brotherhood is going to be time well-spend. For some background on the film-maker and his rationale for pursuing the subject, this interview by Ahram online is a good starter. Not sure if labelling the B’hood fascist is a good move but he’s certainly correct in assessing their fundamentally non-democratic ideology, and purely strategic use of it as a tool in pursuing their theocratic vision. That in itself doesn’t make the army in any way a better alternative. But it does raises serious questions for all who hammer on elections as the most important benchmark for assessing governing legitimacy. It isn’t sufficient. The documentary is in French.

 Egypt has more to offer than politico-economic mess. These guys hadn’t performed live until just a few weeks ago.  But their refreshing reggae rap is already a huge hit among internet-savvy Egyptians. And rightfully so!

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