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does the money thing matter?

The Dutch trailrunning portal that posted my 2014 Mustang Trail Race reflection, just posted a piece that made me aware of Asics outrun the sun project: two teams racing the UTMB route (9500m +D) relay-fashion trying to beat the sunlight … Continue reading

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re-blogging Egypt’s next president

My impressions of the short-term future for Egypt are bleak, and they aren’t changing. Not much point in going on about that but when I come across an insightful piece that really adds relevant detail, re-blogging is warranted. As usual, … Continue reading

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the winds of Mustang

Thought that nothing remained to add to the 2014 Mustang Trail Race scrapbook. Just written my wrap up post and alerted the other group members to it when Italian yogi Tite Togni asked me if my description of the experience as … Continue reading

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2014 Mustang Trail Race wrap up

I takes a really good writer to turn the personal into something of relevance to others. Those who can, have a great tool because nothing convinces more than a personal narrative, no better way to get an opinion, a perspective, … Continue reading

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the Netherlands in Debt & Doubt

My home country has a great documentaries’ tradition, the non-fiction of the big and small screen. So that a Dutch documentary receives a prize at a film festival (this time at St. Tropez) is not uncommon. Hadn’t seen it, but its … Continue reading

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seekers of fortune

I really enjoy reading the concise, sharp, witty, and often eye-opening columns that my newspaper grazing gives me access to. And several Dutch columnists have mastered the art to levels that engender awe. Not every single piece that they produce, but … Continue reading

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Rothkopf does it again

I try to limit re-blogging to a minimum. But some of those whom I follow are just such able writers of concise perspectives on issues that I really care about that it cannot be avoided. David Rothkopf, whose book length … Continue reading

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wearing my foot-condoms is a crime against fashion and humanity

Just wanna let you know that I am guilty. I may not serve in a vegan restaurant and lack a pony-tail but I am 55 (well 56), and wear five-fingers, thus confirming stellar journalist Jon Gugala‘s assumption about the kind of … Continue reading

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how democratic fear can result in autocracy

A concise and accessible explanation of the answer to this question with Egypt as the explanatory example is given by Shadi Hamid in this wrap up commentary on the role of religion in Egyptian politics. He’s the writer of a … Continue reading

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Brotherhood background

I have nothing to add to my recent posts on Egypt, my own, and what I re-blogged, but for those interested in some serious background to one major player in this country’s tragedy, watching Michael Prazan’s documentary on the Brotherhood … Continue reading

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