witch world

How many worlds can one live in? Plenty turns out. Physically, I’m in Cairo (Egypt) most of the time. But is that therefore the most important world I live in? The neighbourhood I frequent is quite small, so Cairo, would be overstating it. On the other hand, I read an English language enewspaper every day, and get regular MENA-oriented newsletters on my e-mail, so Cairo, country and even regional news certainly determines my world in important ways.

But I also read two Dutch newspapers every day. I check on Nepalese news every day, and also Cambodia, and the Mekong region figure regularly on my mental screen. Will be moving to Shanghai (China) in August so I pursue China news and analyses by China watchers. 

What are then exactly meine Leute who Fettes Brot sings about?

And that’s only the general news. I’ve got my pet projects. Some are sort of permanent: as an arm-chair enthusiast I keep track of the worldwide mountain and trail running news. Others are intermittent but forever ongoing, like my immersion in serious reading about life, evolution, the universe and the ultimate questions associated with them (keeping myself sane with the occasional stress releasing 42 reminder, don’t worry), and others again are short-term but intensive, like my current Mustang project

Then there is the seemingly, but everything but, random consumption of interesting scraps, that I come across through a plenitude of sources. Some of that finds expression on this blog, because these bits and pieces fit an ideosyncratic network of fancies, that may not totally define me, but that are certainly recognizable to everyone who’s been around me for a while.

Haven’t even mentioned the personal, family and friends, whose lives are part of mine, and my vicarious participation in the worlds they inhabit.

Are they all equally real, or unreal? Not totally: if push comes to shove, the personal closest and physically present trumps the rest, but experientially, most of the time, I’m sometimes here, and sometimes there, all over the place. Swings in mood and lots else determined by characters and events from any of the above. Witch one do I really live in?

To conclude this rhetorical snippet, enjoy these guys who manage to inhabit the same soundscape, but ostensibly live in very different worlds.

About roger henke

Still figuring out the story line that would satisfy myself here. Listening to what my family and friends evoke, what the words I absorb, the images that move me, the movements that still me, point to.
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