Cairo Half Marathon ’14

Just ran the Cairorunners half marathon, second edition. A well-organized fun event, with plenty of volunteers, a good location for this in Cairo (a New Cairo circuit starting and ending at Festival City mall), a pleasantly undulating course, with long but doable uphills and long gentle downhills, fresh air, and a post race party. The organizers certainly manage to fan running enthusiasm among Caireens, well done! Dunno my exact time, but was told 1:43ish. Quite happy with that on an empty stomach, one cup of coffee, and not running myself into the ground. Marjan and Emily did the 7k and enjoyed themselves too.

The route on google maps. Last year’s promo:

And Like Jelly performing:

Marjan &  I were photographed at the finish for the Cairorunners website:

source: www,

source: www,

And local TV broadcasted this item on the event:

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