thinking like a mathematician

I’ve recently entered a time capsule: started a distance education diploma course in math. When in high school, I was pretty good at math , but apart from some statistics in university and in various jobs, I’ve not thrown my grey matter at math for decades. It feels like a home-coming, and like trying to get a very rusty machine running again, at the same time. It’s frustrating but totally absorbing, entering a strangely familiar but very foggy mind-scape. Reading a theoretical exposition, following the steps of an example, or finding my way to the best way to approach an exercise problem, is being sucked into a maze. Time seems to fly in that maze, something that I had totally forgotten. I’ve googled a bit, trying to find some youtube material that would give you a sense of this mind-scape. Thinking like a mathematician and similar search phrases delivered preciously little.  Which leaves me with the option, as opposites define each other, and beneath the surface share of the same, to get this maze territory across using examples of free-flowing, fuzzy absurdity. So, enjoy two trips into my math mind-scape.

Math goes to extremes to define every element of its universe in a non-ambiguous way. And then connect them all by logical proof pathways. These guys take an empty container and fill it by free association. And the performer below mixes languages, sounds and free association into a fascinating but undefined mix. Now turn what they do on its head and you get my math mind scape.

About roger henke

Still figuring out the story line that would satisfy myself here. Listening to what my family and friends evoke, what the words I absorb, the images that move me, the movements that still me, point to.
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