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the rational pessimist

Mat Ridley, the author of the Rational Optimist,  describes the book’s main thesis as follows:…human beings are not only wealthier, but healthier, happier, cleaner, cleverer, kinder, freer, more peaceful and more equal than they have ever been. This is because the source … Continue reading

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should one run a 100k race unprepared?

Whatever the answer, I did, would do it again, and do not see anything wrong with it. I have to warn you though: unless you are comfortable with the following two mirror image statements of the sentiment that underlies this, … Continue reading

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defeated by Cairo, saved by the Gezira club

Before moving to Cairo I was cocky: Cairo and Egypt are virgin territory on the cyberspace running map but whatever the reason it wouldn’t stop me. Then I moved to Cairo and reality hit. But I discovered Wadi Degla and … Continue reading

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un nimweegs rondje

Nijmegen, my home town figures prominently in my running imagination. It’s where I started running, it’s where my love of trails originates. One’s own kids are the most beautiful in the world, and one’s own home turf feels special by definition, … Continue reading

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another way of looking at it

I enjoy reading a well-written newspaper column. Their authors are often chosen for their writing skills and their ability to shed an unusual light on things. That thing may be at the centre of media attention or it may be … Continue reading

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