authenticity seems to require amateurs

Just a couple of posts ago I ranted about trailrunning video’s. This morning a newsletter from Richard Bull’s trailrunningnepal site shared a video by Chris Ord, Quentin Bedwell and Lisa Tamati about Richard’s Manaslu trail race. Sure, my nostalgia button was pushed big time by the images, I am not an objective judge. Even then, watching this 10 minute video enlightened me about one specific deficiency of the stuff that tends to trigger my rants. This one focuses on the normal participants. It’s not about the thoughts, philosophies or guru-like aphorisms of the Lisa’s and Lizzy’s of this world. Is the authenticity that I see here in the eye of this beholder or do you see it too?

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1 Response to authenticity seems to require amateurs

  1. Steven Serneels says:

    Great video, Roger. It recalls sweet memories

    PS Dirk, you remember us running as well the last but one day of our Kanchenjunga trekking? Although it was only 2 to 3 hours, it was a great feeling indeed!



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