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commodification conundrum

yes, I should be spanked for that title. But it has a ring to it that I like. And I do not mind if the reader asks who the fuck I think I am to think that anyone would appreciate such … Continue reading

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harassing females on Caireen streets

walking Cairo streets with two young friends of my daughter recently was a mixed pleasure. Not too difficult to ignore the ridiculous behavior of mostly young males from anywhere between 12 and 35. But very tiring to suppress the waves … Continue reading

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swimming to Cambodia

I didn’t actually swim, so the title is but a crude way to share my admiration for Spalding Gray with you, one of the great story tellers of all time. But I did visit, again, and felt very much at home. … Continue reading

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Bangkok through the lens of Cairo

When one visits a new environment first impressions are important to document. It is even more important to analyze what they tell you something about. Sure, they offer an interesting perspective, not yet desensitized by habituation,  on the new environment. … Continue reading

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the black swan of Cairo

Who would have expected Nassim Taleb to write about the Arab spring but he did: in the May/June 2011 issue of foreign affairs. His article (co-author Mark Blyth, a political economist) is behind a pay-wall but you can download a reprint … Continue reading

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Even before moving to Egypt I had heard about Dahab being a centre of freediving. Whatever the pursuit, I am quite gearphobic, so diving without bottles, tubes, and lots of other stuff sounded attractive. Mmmm, still need a wet-suit…well, sometimes … Continue reading

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Dutch Diplomacy

Does it exist? There is Double Dutch, going Dutch, Dutch treat, what about Dutch diplomacy? You might have missed it but we just celebrated the abdication of our queen Beatrix and the coronation or her son Willem-Alexander. Huge in the … Continue reading

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girl power

Seems I’m starting to make a habit of piggy backing on others. It’s just that some things are said so convincingly that it feels silly to even consider changing anything. David Rothkopf‘s piece below is one of those.  If you’ve … Continue reading

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