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wondering about Alexandria

Marjan and I made use of a long weekend to bus North to Alexandria, one of the other capitals of Egypt.  It’s a big city (4.1 million in 2006) but what a breather, literally, from Cairo. Nothing much is left … Continue reading

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all corruption is petty

One of the things that keeps amazing me is how cost-effective corruption is for those who want to buy political favors. It costs peanuts! Analysts differentiate between petty corruption, the third world official fleecing his customer for small change, the … Continue reading

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musing about property is theft

A very pompous title for showcasing a great piece of art which is the true subject of this post (yes, eat yourself through the intellectual crap and you’ll be rewarded with beauty). I’m no anarchist, because like all -isms it … Continue reading

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self-delusion, not greed, caused HBOS to fail | Joris Luyendijk

I’m not a fan of re-blogging, but sometimes I come across a post that strikes me as so noteworthy that I see no point in trying to summarize, I just hope you click and judge for your self. I’m a … Continue reading

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the unfortunate split brain upside down organization of professionals

My previous post was about an individual interaction phenomenon creating structural dysfunctionality. This one is about dysfunctional organizational designs messing with their employees’ ability to do a good job. This one should be a more optimistic story. Designs can be changed isn’t … Continue reading

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the unfortunate strange loop of service provision

I’ve worked in the tourism industry for a bit, running a trekking agency way back and recently a hotel. The experience was enlightening in many ways. One of the reasons for me to get out of trekking was that I … Continue reading

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running, form, shoes and more

Given the information overload that I suffer from like everyone else, what do I do with all the stuff I consume about running? In addition to occasionally hitting the trails and  walking and jogging the pavement (yes I enjoy using this … Continue reading

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promoting Cairo streets on foot

Walking Cairo streets is enjoyable, despite the terrible press the city gets. I knew there were bound to be locals who know that and live it and even promote it. A little while ago I came across Cairobserver, a great … Continue reading

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