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more about zappa

I’ve shared more visuals of his  and the amazing mr. Bickford here. The ones below are more about the person and his music. If you like Zappa you probably know these videos, if you don’t know him you probably don’t watch … Continue reading

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so much interesting stuff out there, make sure you get the balance right

Information overload is a real issue. Misinformation is another and even bigger one because it’s easy to be aware of the overload, not so easy to be aware that lots of it is crap. Being aware in a healthy way … Continue reading

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one last time about Cairo’s traffic and air

the related themes of traffic and air quality have intruded my posts about Cairo, cannot really say “inadvertently” because however much they are cliches giving away my recent arrival, ignoring them would be dishonest. So at the risk of boring … Continue reading

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running in Cairo

One of my first post was about what one can find about (trail) running in Egypt when searching cyberspace. It wasn’t much. Now I’ve landed and can report from the ground. Obviously there is the hash house harriers, their website … Continue reading

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why moan about trail races and prize money?

Trail Runner magazine, announced a blog symposium with a monthly topic to gather opinions from the US trail running community and share the one they like best on their own site. The symposium kicks off with what the editors think … Continue reading

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wondering about Cairo, episode two

I’ve read my first serious book about the city, David Sim’s Understanding Cairo, the logic of a city out of control. I suspect it’s about as good as it gets as a first introduction. It describes the development of the … Continue reading

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everyone except us

What is it with professionals and looking at behavior through the incentives lens? Very popular lens, since micro-economics has taken over the social sciences. Which is already quite a while. Incentives talk is now all over the place. It has … Continue reading

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