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wondering about Cairo, episode one

There is plenty of things that I find remarkable about Cairo, which I might not find remarkable anymore in a while so let’s start documenting them. Episodes are going to be like my preferred dishes, stews of diverse ingredients that … Continue reading

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cannot express the Apocalyps better

When I read this short piece by Rosa Brooks in Foreign Policy it felt shockingly familiar. Could have written it myself. Although I obviously couldn’t have because I lack her skills as a columnist. What makes it even weirder is that … Continue reading

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first impressions of Egypt’s politics

I’ve been in country now for a month. Have been reading two English newspapers on line. Diligently. Some other lit. Talked with foreigners, some middle class opposition supporters (that’s whom I meet in my wife’s English medium working environment, my … Continue reading

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the sorrows and soothing of a wandering mind

we’ve all got a pattern chasing mind. We see them quickly if they are there and also when they are not there. Feeling lost in a chaos  of unconnected bits and pieces we connect as many as we can into … Continue reading

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simple thoughts on sound thinking

If doubt is your middle name simple advice on how to deal with it in practical terms is very welcome. One discipline that focuses on exactly such practical advice is a branch of philosophy called argumentation theory. That in itself … Continue reading

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big city

Cairo from the viewing platform of Cairo Tower in South Zamalek.

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Egypt and Tunesia

When I talk with people who are knowledgeable about the MENA region it’s pretty obvious one shouldn’t compare Egypt and Tunesia. Very different countries, very different histories, very different economies, sign of ignorance to lump them together. Obviously the international … Continue reading

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this is where I’ll get closest to my roots in Cairo

I like to believe that running is good for me. Well, not only running, just moving, one foot in front of the other. It feels good, not much more to it I think. Causality probably goes both ways, as it … Continue reading

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poetry, violence and confusion

Before moving here I saw an Aljazeera  documentary about Egypt’s 83 year old revolutionary poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. Never knew this was such a poetic country, but as life goes, the insight quickly collected dust in some forgotten mental drawer. Yesterday … Continue reading

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