can a Dutchman understand a revolution?

How to think about what is going on here? How to read the newspapers, with their articles expressing multi-fold and totally conflicting perspectives and interpretations? Admittedly, bringing in the Dutch connection is primarily a ruse to legitimately include this aesthetically amazing  picture of our queen. For opaque, probably also aesthetics-only reasons it accompanies an article in Dutch daily NRC this morning about her abdication announcement yesterday. Can anyone understand a revolution is the better question.

 Foto ANP / Raymond Rutting

Foto ANP / Raymond Rutting (1997)

Anyway, however little I understand of what the big picture is, the day to day happenings worry me. Egypt is not Syria, that’s for sure, it’s not a civil war, but the level of violence, the numbers of deaths, the sexual assaults, indicates organized chaos. Who is behind that?

I wonder if the political analysts who share their opinions in the media know what’s going on. Or if the basic attribute distinguishing the newcomer from the rest here is that I still know that I don’t know. And beyond the bystanders, do the political actors themselves know what is going on? And what they hope to accomplish by the stands and the actions they take? Do they really have a strategy? I read about hope, a lot about hope…

In the mean time, the economy is not doing good at all and although predictions of the political implications of that, a standard item on the menu of revolution watchers, are meaningless, that the majority of Egyptians, especially the poor are going to be harmed by it is much less of a wild guess.

For the time being, this Dutchman is groping very much in the dark about this revolution. However, the fact of the matter is probably that I am groping in the dark about all large scale social processes, and all of you too. Which doesn’t prevent any of us from constantly sharing our opinions.


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Still figuring out the story line that would satisfy myself here. Listening to what my family and friends evoke, what the words I absorb, the images that move me, the movements that still me, point to.
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2 Responses to can a Dutchman understand a revolution?

  1. Vincent Meijes says:

    Kort samengevat. Er is geen bal te snappen van wat er in Egypte gebeurt. Maar leuk is het niet.

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